I work from rooms in:

  • Frome - 18b Cheap Street

  • Paulton - The Clandown Suite, Elm Hayes Surgery, Paulton


  • £45 per session

Session length and times

  • 50 minutes, generally, but not necessarily, at the same time each week

Number of sessions

This is very variable, depending on the issues you bring, the amount of time you have available and your personal circumstances, but to give you a very rough idea:

  • 6 sessions (short-term work),

  • 1 year plus (longer-term work).

Probably the majority of the people I see do six sessions, with a few finding three or four sufficient, and one or two finding just the one is helpful. Some people choose to work longer-term on a deeper exploration.  And some people do six sessions, recognise there are other areas they might like to explore but choose to do so later. They pause the counselling and give themselves time to 'practise' what they have learned, to absorb it into their lives. They then come back later for another 'batch' of sessions.

It really is whatever works for you at this particular time of your life. We will discuss this at our first session, and review regularly.

oliviadate@gmail.com | 07770 685651